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“Art is not in the ...eye of the beholder. It's in the soul of the artist.” - Seth Godin

Why Famera?

Art was finding me all the time or I was chasing it. And one day I decided not to play cat and mouse game :)
Decided to become a full time artist.
Finding a name that will define my art, design was a bit more difficult than I thought.

I always wanted to be a young mother, and my prayers were answered. I am blessed with three beautiful children. They matured me as a person. Who could imagine that these little, tiny babies are the best teachers.  

Every unique life that came through me to this world gave me a new beginning. With each of my children's birth I was born again.
First - as mother of the first born. I remember, the unknowing was frightening.
Second - as a mother of two. I remember the logistics and shift of daily life was challenging.
Third - as a mom of three - a "Super Mom! Now I know it all ! " so I thought.
Well, no!
Life university keeps on testing me :)

The beauty of it all is learning and a strong will to grow!

Each person in our family is like a different color bucket of paint, every, day we create a new canvas.
I love the journey with my artists.
There are days when our feelings pour, like a flow paint technique, sometimes emotions splash, brightening the cloudy days and at times detailed and delicate approach is a way to go.

You must be wondering why I am telling you this.

While I was searching for the right title. I found myself lost between all the information from the internet, people and my own thoughts. 
 I was looking for one peculiar word that will represent my art, embody my soul. The word that will  be special to me, to our family.
A name with the story behind. And I got it

FAMERA is a name that I put together using first letters of our surname, my husband`s, mine and our children's names. 
One word that holds it all - the essence of me. 

Simple, yet very special to us :)

Looking forward  to creative future!

With Love



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