“Wherever art appears - life blooms.” -Maria V.Shall 

"Memory Game"

I believe wooden toys never go out of style and have been enjoyed for generations. 
I was looking for a wooden memory game with animal figures for my youngest daughter. It sound easy, but I could not find the right one. 

Therefore I decided to create one myself.


I wanted to have a light tone, that's why for this memory I chose pine wood. Each memory piece is decorated using tiny dots.

Carefully and with high precision, I applied Dot by Dot...

-Careful! (Voice in my mind)

-One wrong dot and you are done!


Easy task to find and match, for beginners.

As my daughter grew so did the complexity of the game.


On a lazy weekend afternoon an old fashion tower building is a fun activity. It is perfect for hand-eye coordination, balance, fine motor skills, observation and inspires creativity.

Taking turns teaches children patience. It is an interactive activity which we both love :)

Playing with blocks helps children develop the vocabulary, improves math skills and even teaches them about gravity, balance, and geometry.

And last but not least the real classic memory! Fun for all family!

Hope you enjoyed a quick visit of our toy corner. 

Wish you and your family all fun in the world :)

With Love 


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