"Art is my life and my life is art" - Yoko Ono


From the first day we lay our eyes on our babies, we want to give the world to them.
We create most  loving, comfortable & beautiful environment around them.

I would like to invite you to take a closer look at my handmade display shelf. Thoughtfully designed and built with love. Place where I collect and save most beautiful memories.


Display shelf is made out of a raw pine wood, I love it´s texture and light tone.

Elf on the shelf is in longing for books, therefore on the weekend we visit the library with my youngest one, and choose few stories to read to the Elf. Just as we enter the house, my daughter unpacks all the treasures and places them on the shelf next to the elf :)

There are few stories from a very special person, that never leaves the shelf: "Thank you aunt Shannon"


From the very beginning, I designed the shelf for my daughter's nursery, as she grew, it transformed into a play area, where she sorts her blocks and figurines.


The border of the shelf is made out of a circle and square details, each of them carefully cut out and rolled with a woolen thread and glued to the edge. For this shelf I used soft color wool, creating the light look and feel of a sweater :)

As my little artist grows, she brings more and more creations from the preschool :) She finds an empty spot and sets sculptures up on the shelf. So cute :)

Thank you for visiting us! Wish you a beautiful day!

With Love,


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