the Light

I would like to invite you and join a project "THE LIGHT" a project focused on children and how they see the world. With this campaign, I would like to highlight the uniqueness in all of us, embrace autism, and share stories through the paintings that embody the miraculous way the world is seen, heard, and experienced by the children.

The sun rises every morning and shines no matter what, for families living with autism sun rays are a different color every day. I know that personally, therefore I would like to unite our Suns ️in one LIGHT and glow brighter together, sometimes maybe borrow each other's bright star when a rain cloud darkens the day.

I promise to use your art for a good cause, use it respectfully and update you in what form our LIGHT will shine. Please share this with anyone you think would like to participate.
On a white sheet of paper allow the child to draw a sun in any color he/she wants.
You, as a parent or caregiver, are welcome to paint the most vivid light that glows through eyes, smile, hug, magical presence of loved one. Please make sure the picture is bright. Send a good quality picture to

I would like to encourage schools and preschools to join this project as well.
What a nice way would be to admire children's art and discuss -Why is the same sun different in every picture? How can it be?
I am sure "Little Picassos" would have so much to say :)
There is no right or wrong shade of light, whether it is sunrise or sunset, bright noon or rainy, cloudy evening.
The sun colors the sky in vibrant, diverse tones yet it is ONE/SAME SUN.
One other goal of this project is talking and explaining to children how visually seen uniqueness in children and adults is only external appearance. Just like the sun looks different when it is seen through clouds, trees, rainy windows, or fog. It appears slightly different, yet it is a bright, precise circle of LIGHT.

On @famerakids I share SUNLIGHT through art, creativity, and the sweetness of life.
And with #fameraproject I welcome You to share your SUN :) to become a building block in creating a community of inclusion, acceptance, and empowerment, to feel togetherness and feel free sharing any color SUN RAYS.

With Love


If you have any question, please fill out the form below and I will contact you soon..
Thank you

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