“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Piccaso

Aliya Rabbani

Aliya Rabbani is the founder of Famera studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her passion for arts started in early childhood and continued being her calling throughout the years.

Having realized her passion for painting and design, she started her artistic career in 2019. She has a reverence for womanhood, which is clearly seen in the portraits. Meticulous technique incorporates the most intricate detail to describe the complexity of a woman's mind, strength, and abilities.

As an abstract painter with admiration of wood, Aliya uses both organic texture, curvy lines and details. These patterns coexist in balance. Aliya pursues colour and design relationships with ardour. Her colour palette is wide yet synchronised. To achieve consistency she implements oil pastels, acrylic and gel pencils.

Aliya brings raw texture, innate sense of detail and compositional elements to each painting. She has developed her own visual ideas and inimitable style. She invites us to view ourselves and the world of uniqueness and find beauty in every aspect of imperfection.


2021 - Galleri Konstlobbyn - Stockholm, Sweden
2021 - Solo Exhibition Wira Bruk, Sweden

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